Close but no cigar

Close but no cigar

We visited the office a few months back and Little Elephant was quite talkative with some of my colleagues.  Some of these converations have been brought up over and over again.  They are so adorable, I never want to lose them.

Keti: Hello Little Elephant!  How are you?

Little Elephant: [silence]

Keti: Why what great sunglasses you have!

Little Elephant: Thank you.

Keti: Where did you get them?

Little Elephant: Wisconsin.

Keti: Oh! In America.  Do you think you could get me a pair just like that for my niece?

Little Elephant: [stares at Keti wide-eyed]

Keti: Yes, I would really like one just like that for my niece.

Little Elephant: No! That is silly.

Keti: Why silly?  My niece would love to wear sunglasses.  If she had a pair like that my niece would wear them all the time.  Even inside. Like you. Right now.

Little Elephant: [stares at Keti as if she is growing a second head]

Keti: Please?!?!  My niece would really love the sunglasses.

Little Elephant: [with a hint of disdain in her voice].  Keti! Knees don’t wear sunglasses.  You have to put them on your eyes!


Photo Credit: Coba



Little Elephant has started the new school year, so adorable stories of learning, friendship, and inside jokes are trickling their way home. I love how interactive her classroom is and how responsive the school is in communicating what goes on with parents.

As an early activity, they read Horton Hears a Who and then discussed everything about hearing.  How do you hear? What do ears do? Do all animals have ears?  What words make you happy when you hear them?

They decorated a large elephant and listed words that make them happy.  Independently, Little Elephant and her best friend, Little S, answered with each other’s names as the word that makes them each the happiest!  How cute is that?

Photo Credit: School

Photo Credit: School

Use your brain!

Use your brain!

We drove to the beach the other day, friends leading the way in their white SUV.  It was a new beach, somewhere south east of the capital.  I am thankful they were navigating as the road was windy, nothing was marked, and, by the end, the road was mostly gone and replaced with dust and rocks.

The two SUVs rocked back and forth, off-roading it a bit.  My daughter marveled and laughed at how she could see our friends’ heads bouncing back and forth.

“Mommy,” she giggled.  “My head is not bouncing like that!  I am using my brain to hold it in place!  You need to tell Ms. D. that she should use her brain more too!”

Solid advice, kiddo. Solid advice.