Baldushk is a little village with just under 5,000 people about 30 minutes outside of Tirana, the capital.  While discussing our love of Thanksgiving and all the Turkey, stuffing, and food that comes along with it, one of my closest Albanian friends, South Wind, suggested we go to Baldushk. With a snap of the fingers,… More Baldushk

In loving memory

Facebook tells me that 8 years ago today I wrote this piece (see below) about Gueli, my Chilean grandmother.  Seeing it now, a few months after her death, reminds me what a strong woman she was. Gueli was not a blood relative.  She was the Grandma is my Chilean host family from high school.  But, she transformed… More In loving memory

If I were a fish…

Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were a fish?  Have all the possibilities kept you up at night? I never have to worry about this as my daughter has spent sometime thinking the whole thing through.  This would be me if I were a fish:    She helpfully wrote “mama”… More If I were a fish…

Fitbit: a confession

I have to be fairly outside fitbit’s target population: barely interested in fitness, no free time, sedinrary job.  Yet, here I am, a Fitbit wearer.   Ultimately, I have enjoyed the gift.     It gives me a better understanding of what I do and what days I do nothing.  I have learned that I am… More Fitbit: a confession