Albania celebrates 100 years independence

28 novembre 1912-28 novembre 2012, l’Albanie fête ses 100 ans d’indépendance. November 28th 2012, 100 years of Albanian independence. 28 de noviembre 2012, 100 años de independencia albanesa. 28 nëntor 2012, 100 vjet pavarësie., originally uploaded by Only Tradition. The energy and joy in the streets is infectious. The speed with which the city and … More Albania celebrates 100 years independence

18th of September

I keep meaning to write something about all the traditions going on around Indepedence Day here; and it keeps not happening.  This is partly because I have significantly less internet access at home in Rancagua (the city I did my high school exchange in) and partly because I am busy doing independence day stuff (and … More 18th of September