Budding feminist

Someday, I may look at this moment as when she made her first feminist statements.  Them again, I suppose there is the possibility they will be her last as well.Feminism in action #1:Me: “Oh boy! That is a pretty large slide to concur!Little elephant: Mommy! Don’t say “oh boy”. You need to say “oh girl”. “Oh boy” is … More Budding feminist

Doing something right

Bedtime routine includes skyping Daddy, pulling together all the things needed to get into PJs (pjs, pillow, cream, diaper), changing, and then watching a few videos on youtube. Usually, the videos are Sesame Street. Tonight she asked for this: Clearly, I am doing something right. Happy Mother’s Day!

Elmo Love

Little Elephant doesn’t get to watch a lot of TV.  Okay, I will revise that statement, she watches almost none.  Until she was 2, she pretty much thought that TV was one of a few videos all in Russian.  She can, in fact, sing along with this: I am not going to get in to … More Elmo Love

Bent, broken, powerless, childlike: Models in the real world

Messy Nessy did a great piece on What Model Posses Would Look Like in Real Life.  The above video is from that piece and shows reactions of public as average size women standing in public places in these awkward positions.   Check out the piece for the pictures and commentary by the artist who pulled … More Bent, broken, powerless, childlike: Models in the real world