This blog mainly focuses on countries I have lived and worked in; however, it is not exclusively about them. I am also including their placement on the 2007 US government Trafficking in Persons Report.  This report ranks countries on a three tier scale (1 being the best, 2 being has problems but is addressing them, 3 is has problems is not addressing them). Here are the main countries I talk about.

Albania- a country to the north of Greece, is tiny.  The country is home to 2.8 million people.  This is my newest home which I look forward to exploring.

Cambodia- a country in south east Asia where I worked for 7 months. (Early parts of this blog have been transferred over from which I wrote while there). Cambodia is a tier 2 watch list country (the watch list part means it is not quite tier two but moving in the right direction).

Chile is a country I have come back to over and over.  It is my husband’s home.  And my home too. I studied here in high school and college. I have held various jobs here.  Along the south western coast of South America, it is fairly developed and economically stable for countries in the region.  It is a tier 2 country.

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, by land mass.  However, it is home to only 16 million people.  Located at the point where China and Russia meet, it is home Baikonur, the famous space station.  Most well known in the western world as the land of Borat— Borat actually showed nothing accurate and was not filmed on location. I lived and worked here for two years.

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe where I worked for over 2 years.  About 1/2 the size of Maryland or twice the size of Hawaii (if either of those make sense to you), it is a former part of the USSR and incredibly poor and rural. Is a tier 2 watch list country.

United States does not rank itself, but has huge issues with human trafficking. At least 17,000 people are brought in annually and domestic trafficking of American citizens is only recently being recognized.


  1. Hey. I’m from Milwaukee and am leaving for Chile in a week to volunteer teach for a semester. Thought it was one of those “small world” coincidences. Great mission. Good luck!



  2. Wow, Claire I did not know how bad human trafficking was in the US. Thanks for providing this information. I would like to sharea this with my daughter since she is getting older and I am trying to teach her about the dangers in our world especially regarding racism, classism and women’s issues. ~ Tiffany

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