List making

My daughter is truly my mini-me. I am a planner.  She is a planner. I make lists.  She is just learning to write so there is time.

While we were learning about Ghana, through video and reading stuff online and talking to people who have been there, we discussed things we will need to do differently.  She has never lived in a tropical place before or dealt with typical tropical diseases.  She hates wearing hats and isn’t the best at remembering sun screen or bug spray.  That said, she is five and a half so she gets a pass.  Remember when I said she is my mini-me?  She really is and so some of these bad habits she comes to honestly.

We discussed malaria meds and the need to wear bug spray.  We discussed how close Accra is to the equator.  We discussed that although it is not the hottest place on earth, we would need to be better about putting on sun screen and wearing hats.

And then she said it!

“Mama, you know what we should do? We should make a list.  And the list should say: 1. Did you take your pill? 2. Did you put on sun screen? 3. Did you put on bug spray? 4. Do you have sunglasses on your face? 5. Do you have a hat? And then we should make the sign pretty and hang it on the door.  And that way, we see it, we realize we forgot something, and then we run around like a crazy person but we do it!  Isn’t that a great idea, Mama?”

My daughter is going to be a list-maker!!!


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