Next stop… Ghana

Dream job takes me all around the world.  It is the reason my parents own and regularly consult an atlas.  It is the chance for me to learn new languages, new foods, new cultures.  It is a life style choice that I love.  I can uproot myself every 2-5 years and grow new roots fast.

It is however my choice and my family, particularly my daughter, is along for the ride.  And, as long as the ride is fun, safe, and healthy for her, we will continue.  Still, this is the first move that she really understands what is going on.  When I found out that our next assignment is Ghana, I immediately knew how I would tell her.  That morning, while she got dressed, I dug and dug through our books to find Kente Colors, a book that teaches children color through Ghanian Kente cloth and its meaning.  This is a book we have read for years and loved.  So, we curled up and read the book– the whole book including the appendix that included info on the history of the Ashanti people and Ghana.  Then, I broke the news.

She sat and thought about it.  She told me she was nervous because she didn’t know anything about Ghana beyond this book.  We agreed.  Over the next 6 months, we will learn about Ghana and that will help us feel better.

This was almost three weeks ago.  Every night, before bed, we read something about Ghana, or look at pictures on the internet, or watch videos.  Every day she is getting more and more excited.  We have learned about how to pick out Kente cloth at the market, basket weaving, dancing, elephants and moneys, and Peace Corps Ghana’s Agriculture program.  Here are some of our favorite videos so far:


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