You never know in Albania

One of the reasons that I love Albania is because of the genuine friendliness and acceptance in the country. It doesn’t matter if I am out at a fancy restaurant with my toddler or visiting a random village trying to find a mosaic that has no signs posted. Albanians are overwhelmingly helpful and warm. In fact, I have had waiters in restaurants carry my kid so I could eat my meal. And, in that village, a group of children led me to the mosaic, helped me to uncover pieces of it, and then brought me to other sites I didn’t eve know about.

In Albania, you never know what you will find. And, I have found, that if I smile and go along for the ride, I get to see and meeting the most amazing people/places. Tonight this ended with me having thanksgiving dinner in the presidential palace. Clearly, there is a lot of me to be thankful for here.



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