Shades of brown


Currently, Little Elephant’s favorite books are “The Day the Crayons Quit” and “The Day the Crayons Came Home” by Drew Daywalt.  She knows the stories backwards and forwards but insists on reading them both each night.  Sometimes she even “reads” them to me!

But, there is one page that drives her nuts! (the one shown in the photo)

Hey Duncan,

I’m sure you don’t recognize me… after the horrors I’ve ben through. I think I was… tan crayon? or maybe… burnt sienna?  I don’t know… I can’t tell anymore.  Have you ever been eaten by a dog and pukes up on the living room rug? Because I have… I HAVE BEEN EATEN BY A DOG AND PUKED UP ON THE RUG, Duncan… and it’s NOT pretty. Not pretty at all… I’m more carpet fuzz than crayon now. Can you PLEASE bring me back?!


Tan (or possibly Burnt Sienna?) Crayon

Little Elephant cannot stand the fact that she doesn’t know what color this crayon is.  So much so that tonight we had to get out a color wheel and settle it once and for all.  First we looked up burnt sienna.  Then we looked up tan.  Then she decided it was neither and so we had to compare the crayon in the drawing to about 25 shades of brown! Too pink! Too yellow! Too dark! Not dark enough! On and on we went.

In the end… we have decided (drum roll please) that the crayon is/was Tan Crayon.



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