5 years 5 months

Dear Little Elephant,

It has been too long since I have written.  This has been a big year.  You are at a big school, with big kids, in a big class (18 kids!), taking a big bus, with big after school activities and  big life plans.You are no longer a big fish in a small sea, but rather you are among the smallest in 5-year old kindergarten.  You are still thriving.

Art is one of your favorite things.  Not just in the sit down and color sense, but in the discussing perspective and pointillism and different styles.  Frida Kahlo is your favorite artist and you dressed up as her for Halloween.  It was amazing! You are amazing!

All rights reserved
All rights reserved

Recently, while I was on a work trip, you decided to use that fact to get something you wanted. My first night away, in your sugar-sweet-I-want-something-voice you said to me: “Mommy.  You know? When you are away, it is a bit lonely. And sometimes I get sad and bored.  Mommy.  You know what would make me feel less bored and lonely?” Me: “What honey?” (Honestly,I expected the answer to either be another dog or candy). Little Elephant: “Can I have piano lessons?” Me: “Yes” Her: “You know that you are going to have to pay for them, right?” So, here we are, and you are taking piano lessons for 30 minutes twice a week.  Sometimes Ms. Klara works with you on singing too. And reading music. We now play tic-tac-toe whole notes against quarter notes.

This year you are really exploring who you are and what you value.  For example, we had several friends we know from the neighborhood or from Mommy’s work that are now your classmates.  Some of them, it seems, are “naughty” and “don’t always follow the rules”.  You have long debates, simply out loud or with me, about how you feel about this.  Can you be friends with someone “naughty”? Do you want to be? Will it make you naughty? Can you separate behavior from friendship? Are some types of “bad” more bad than others?  What happens when that person is someone you really enjoy being with? What happens if you only enjoy being with them one on one and not in a classroom setting?

You, my dear, are a thinker.  Some might say an over-thinker.  Some (my mother) might say that you got this trait from me.  Luckily, since you probably did, we can overthink things together.  I like to call it planning.  Planning for any and all possible scenarios!  One of the things you are thinking about is what it will be like to move.  We know that we are leaving Albania this summer; we do not know where we will end up going.  Not knowing this key detail has not kept us from discussing.  We have discussed what we will bring (yes, your new curtains can come) and what will stay behind (mostly just furniture).  We have talked about planting our avocado trees that are growing in pots in the kitchen at Liza’s house before we leave and coming back in several years to eat fresh avocado.  Albania is going to be hard to say goodbye to.  This is where you have lived almost your whole life! (Well, since you were 1 year and 2 weeks old).  This is the longest I have lived some place since before I went away as an exchange student in high school.

We talk about friends who come and go.  We talk about friends that we stay friends with and think about even after the are gone (see the earlier post on S for reference). And, we talk about the friends that are the family we choose.  A&O are our family and we know that no matter where we go, they always will be.

I love you and couldn’t hope for anyone better to share this adventure that is life!




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