img_5428When I got home from work today, I wrapped my arms around my daughter and hugged her a little tighter, a little longer, because that is what we need today.

Once freed, she skipped over to her backpack to pull out a special art project.  She proudly showed me a picture.  I asked who it was and she announced “S and I”.  S is her best friend, he is her sunshine.  S left Albania nearly a year ago, but hasn’t left her mind or heart. We always talk about planning a trip to visit them in their new home in Germany, I think I will now.

Kids are like that.  Right and wrong is black and white.  Friendship is easy.  Forgiveness easy too.  Laughter comes when you need it.  Hugs and band-aids can heal most things.  But memory is long.

She sang to herself as I asked questions about the picture and what she hopes for in the world.  She likes Lin-Manuel Miranda’s phrase and repeats it often: love is love is love is love.  I am so proud of how fiercely she loves and deeply she remembers.

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