Scientific method

We had lunch today at a little restaurant that has many different animals.   Sadly, their treatment is better than the local zoo, but still probably not up to par. I’m not really here to discuss the ethics of eating there or not eating there.

After finishing our meal, little elephant took her notebook and pencil and we went for a walk. She wanted to do some scientific  observation. The cute part of this was that her age she still struggles with the word ‘observation’ and pronounced it probably eight different ways over the course of the conversation. But she had the idea, knew what she wanted.

“Mommy, write at the top of the page ‘bears’. I will observe. I will tell you what to write. Make a list of all the things in the observation list.”

We spent quite some time doing this and then moved on to goats. Many of the observations came from things that she saw. Some came from things that she knew. Some I’m not sure where they came from. However it was an educational  experience.



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