Not my father’s Christmas Tree

I have always thought the personality wise I was a bit more like my mother than my father. Who knows? They may disagree on this. However, the other day, I clearly saw my father slip out of me.
Growing up, decorating the Christmas tree was something that I always really enjoy. In fact, in high school I held tree decorating parties at my house. But, I also remember, how my father wanted the lights and the gold garland to be nicely looped as opposed to just wrapped around the tree. I remember early on getting instruction on the appropriate length of the loops and how to make it look really nice. I hadn’t realized how much I had taken his lessons to heart, although I have always looped my garland and lights.

This year, I was more a supervisor than an actual decorator of the tree given that my ankle is still in a boot and my balance is not fantastic. I tried to explain to my friends who were wrapping the lights and the garland that I wanted loops. I failed. There are some loops, some wraps, and none of my father’s uniformity and attention to detail. I sat quietly by, biting my tongue, because in the end there was nothing I could do about it and they were helping me. Not to mention these are the friends that are so close to be family. Side note: Little Elephant just wanted the lights and garland done so that she could get to her job of actually decorating.

As I sit here looking at my tree a few days later, I am at peace with how it looks. It is the tree of this year. The year when I broke my leg, a year when family isn’t here to share the holidays, a year when friends have come to my rescue over and over and over. It is a tree made with love if not with loops.



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