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Baldushk is a little village with just under 5,000 people about 30 minutes outside of Tirana, the capital.  While discussing our love of Thanksgiving and all the Turkey, stuffing, and food that comes along with it, one of my closest Albanian friends, South Wind, suggested we go to Baldushk.

With a snap of the fingers, the trip was planned.  We drove in three cars: South Wind and her husband leading the way, A&O plus their parents in the middle, and Little Elephant and I pulling up the rear.

As we drove, we had a singular plan for the day: turkey!  First, we would go to the farm and tour, meeting the turkeys and other animals.  At this point, we would choose a turkey to bring home (although, it wouldn’t be coming home alive).  While the deed was being done, we would go across the street and eat a traditional turkey lunch.  Once stuffed to the gills, we would go back, pick up our cleaned turkey, and head home.


All Rights Reserved. 


But how much does my 3 year old really know about the circle of life?  (This trip was 11 months ago, so she was 3).  I fretted about explaining death, remember stories of a cousin or a friend or a sister or someone who after learning that animals were killed for meat refused meat and became a toddler vegetarian.

That said, I had nothing to fear.  As we drove down the road, a large gaggle of turkey ran in front of is in the road.  Little Elephant pointed and one and emphatically screams “I want to eat that TURKEY!)

In retrospect, I really shouldn’t have been so worried, because:

  •  A few months before that she had seen fish in a fish farm and asked our Albanian friend to “Hit that fish on the head so I can eat fried fish!”
  • She love meat on a bone more than candy.
  • She will tell anyone who will listen that she is a true carnivore.



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