A gesture of kindness where it is most needed

Do you remember the 29 children that died at Sandy Hook elementary school? A group of people around the world is trying to do just that and to bring something positive to the world, to give hope. So annually they’re organizing 29 days of Kindness. Every day followers are reminded of one of the children and asked to do something thoughtful for another human being in that child’s memory. There’s a huge Facebook campaign. But like so many other things, I hadn’t heard of this. And they have seen it in my newsfeed but I never really paid attention. I didn’t necessarily connect the 29 days of Kindness to Sandy Hook and the gun violence that is rampant in the United States.
But then, I was the recipient of one of the thoughtful actions. A friend took my daughter out to dinner, played with her for the afternoon, and gave me and my injured ankle a chance to rest. That same friend, I should mention, had shown up in the morning and made us both breakfast and lunch, playing with my daughter, helped me around the house. It was his act of kindness for the day. It was done in the memory of James.

Seeing his post on the Facebook wall saying that he did what he did in memory of James, inspired me to do something. That said, I am a bit homebound and not currently in the United States, so what could I do?

Albania has not yet been affected by the refugee crisis. But I do see Syrian (and other) families in the news arriving in Macedonia, Serbia, and all other neighboring countries. In some ways, it feels surreal that we haven’t yet been affected.

There was another thing I had ignored in my Facebook newsfeed, a story about how a California mom was helping other Syrian moms in their long trek to safety. I went back and searched for it. The article was about a movement that is becoming an organization called Carry the Future. It is encouraging people to donate used and new baby carriers (not slings or wraps) to be given to refugee families with small children as the arrive in Greece or Serbia. 

This small gesture will not fix their plight, but it will make the journey easier, and it may help to save some of the youngest among them. As a mom, I can’t even begin to fathom what these moms and dads are going through. But I can help practical way.

Today, I sent five Evenflo carriers to Carry the Future. I can only hope that they will help five children find safety and peace.


(All opinions expressed in this blog are mine and mine alone. They do not constitute an endorsement of any of the organizations listed on behalf of my employer or anyone beyond myself. I do not know either of these organizations nor am I receiving any financial benefit from writing this.)

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