Questions about tornadoes 

Elmo brought in a tornado as a guest speaker on his program the other day. Since then, little elephant has been obsessed with the idea of tornadoes. Waking up early in the morning, she asked me a few of her questions:
What are tornadoes?

Do they kill people? 

How do they kill people? 

Why do they pushover trees? 

Do they have ears? 

How do they feel when they kill trees? 

How do they feel when they kill people? Where to turn tornadoes live?
We should never live in a place with tornadoes. We should never live in any country that could maybe have a tornado. What countries have tornadoes?
Why does the US have tornadoes? 

Are there tornadoes near Gjyushi and Nana? 

Why is Kansas in the US? 

Why is US in Wisconsin?

Do they speak English in Kansas?
How do people not get killed by tornadoes? 

Why are there sirens little people tornadoes are coming? 

What if a person is in Kansas, but they don’t speak English and the siren sounds to warn them about the tornado and they can’t understand, then did they die?
Does everyone have a basement? 

Why don’t tornadoes like basements? 

Are tornadoes alive? 

Why aren’t tornadoes alive? 

Do tornadoes have ears?
How do you make a tornado? 

How do they come? 

How do they leave?


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