Fitbit: a confession

I have to be fairly outside fitbit’s target population: barely interested in fitness, no free time, sedinrary job.  Yet, here I am, a Fitbit wearer.

Ultimately, I have enjoyed the gift.

 It gives me a better understanding of what I do and what days I do nothing.  I have learned that I am terrible at gathering stuff together and that most mornings I go back upstairs for something forgotten (by me or my daughter) at least 5 times.  While I rarely walked 6,000 steps a day (the factory goal is 10,000), I regularly walk 20-25 flights of steps a day (I think factory set goal was 10).

There is a way you can “compete” with friends in different challenges.  I can see how this would appealing to many.  Sadly, I would want to take on challenges to see who has the most effective sleep or the most sleep.  Fitbit seems to want my challenges to be about walking.



  1. I am the same way: don’t work out, have a sedentary job, etc…And yet I still like my Fitbit. I get TONS of steps in on the weekends (20-25k/average) thanks to my toddler, but weekdays averages around 8-10,000. I don’t use it to track calories at all. And if I”m being honest, then I actually mostly use it to track my sleep!

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