Getting old

Last night I had an amazing time at the Marine Ball. Not only did I get to dress up and see everyone dressed– someone referred to it as the adult Halloween– but I also got to dance with good friends, something I rarely do since having my daughter.  I was out late having adult conversation and unworried about the time.  Perfect night.

This morning, my daughter and I decided to walk to her friend’s house for a play date.  The friend lives about 15 minutes (while walking with a 4 year old) down the Main Street.  The DSL weather was perfect, crisp, blue skies, with a slight breeze.

About 2/3 of the way there, preoccupied that my daughter be extremely cautious on this busy street with cars on one side and large steep drop offs on the other, I rolled my ankle and we both hit the ground.  My coffee rolled away.  As soon as we were down I knew it was a bad sprain.  Sadly, I am well versed in ankle injury!  There was No way I could put weight or it and I couldn’t really get my toes to respond.  The ankle was already ballooning up.

I was crying and my daughter tried to get up to go rescue the coffee mug. I firmly tugged her down, afraid she would dart into the road.

We called for help and luckily for through to a medical friend.  She couldn’t come but called another doctor for us.  He didn’t have a car but managed to borrow one. We are so lucky to live in a community where people are able to just make it work when someone needs help.

Little Elephant still got to go to her play  

 date; I got to go to the hospital.  Despite the ER doctor’s announcement that I was “showing more pain then I have”, the orthopedic consult found two hairline fractures and some issue with the ligaments.  I am stuck in a cast or rather at this point a splint.  And, because it was Sunday, the office couldn’t find the crutches so I have a granny walked to get around.

What a difference a day makes!


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