Ball vs Terror vs Weird Al

I had intended to blog a picture of me headed off to my first ever Marine Ball.  And then Paris happened.  I wondered if I shouldn’t.  I wondered if I should write about trying to keep terror from my 4 year, about how Mr. Rogers’ counseled to find the helpers, about how the world is a scary place for a parent.

But, I won’t.  I’m not gonna talk about that, or the tragedy, or the senseless loss.  I am not going to feel hopeless or give up.  I am going to live my life and go to balls and movies and restaurants and the theater.  They don’t get to win.  I win. We win.

But, still no group picture of us going to the Ball, because that is on Zach’s camera.

IMG_0979aInstead, I am going to talk about a moment.  A song came on and I got super excited.  I knew the world, loved the song, very excited.  Then I remember that the song is actually about rape and a song I HATE… however, the positive reaction in my head was to Wierd Al Yankovic’s version, which is way way better.  Sadly, not what they played.


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