A tale of two ballet videos

Little Elephant was home sick.  She rarely gets sick and also rarely gets to watch TV.  As a single Mom, often, home sick means home with the Nanny.  Not today.  Today is meant morning with me.

We got a lot more treats today, including watching two ballet videos while eating Pedialyte Freezer Pops. The first video is out of somewhere in China and is an extraordinary example of flexibility, ballet, gymnastics, strength, and coordination:

The second was about 4 workshops that the New York City Ballet Company did for children with disabilities:

Each were amazing and different and moving in their own way, so I wanted to see what she would say about the juxtaposition.  (It should be noted that I showed her the first and then she asked for the second, having seen it sometime last spring).

She was amazed at how fast the kids in the first video moved. In the second, she really didn’t focus on the disabilities or the physical restrictions of the children beyond needing me to repeat their English so she could understand.  I think she related to them– untrained, some closer to her age, having fun.

I wish we all could see the world through the non-judgmental eyes of children.


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