The time my 4 year old bought naked ladies

As I mentioned, we had a great time in Amsterdam visiting my family.  I highlight recommend Nemo.


Be careful what you buy.

Little Elephant always buys presents for her besties O & A when we travel.  Their parents, who travel a lot, always get her stuff too.  It is nice that she remembers to be reciprocal.

Walking through the open market before dinner on our last night, she decided she wanted to buy magnets.  I wanted something reminiscent of Amsterdam and not breakable.  Luckily, she found this display with magnets of houses.  Perfect.  I let her pick three.  Green for A, bright red for O, and dark red for herself.  We bought them, packed them up and headed home.

Tonight I found the package and she excitedly looked at them, reminding me who gets what.  And as she looked, I noticed.  I noticed and quickly snatched out of her hands.  The green and dark red houses were beautiful, typical Amsterdam houses.  The bright red, however, was from the red light district.  As I looked closely at the magnet, it was filled with sex shop, naked people, and sex acts.  Opps!  I guess I let my kid buy pornographic material.  Glad I noticed before she gave it to O.

(Sadly, I will have to tell her it was lost when in reality I gave it to A & O’s Dad last night for his birthday.  Everyone loves a good intro).


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