Moving in with her sunshine

They were both three, and I wasn’t able to come home from work, so our nanny asked his nanny if he could stay for dinner. He was my daughter’s best friend. He is her best friend. He has been her sunshine for as long as she knew what sunshine was. 

photo by: clare says All rights reserved

Lisa, the nanny, announced she was going to make pizza. “No,” S said, “Little elephant will do it.”What? Who is teaching this kid gender roles?

Lisa made the meal. As they sat down, they look at the window at house being built. We have been watching this house to be built for the two years we’ve lived here. The kind of explain, “it’s almost done. At our house. But then it won’t live there when it’s done.”

The nannies were doubled her laughing. After all, the kids were three. Lisa texted me and I chuckled at work, sad that I couldn’t be home with my family.

The next morning, I asked her about the exchange. Yes, they were planning to move in. When I said I might be lonely, she told me about the rest of the plan. I did not need to worry, I could live on the first floor. S’s mom could too. But not his brothers.

My daughter is becoming an Albanian by osmosis.



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