Binkie. Pacifier. Hush hush. Whatever name you call it, these things are at moments wonderful and yet so hard to say goodbye to.

I kept hoping Little Elephant would grow of it.  That she would self wean, like breastfeeding. No avail. At 4.5 years old, she shows no sign of letting go. And her teeth, I fear, are paying the price.

Her nanny tried to get me to do it earlier, but there was always a trip or a doctor thing or a long flight or something.  There was always an excuse… “If I can jest get through X, then we will stop”. But we never stop.

Until now. Cold turkey. Yesterday.  After an hour and fifteen minutes, she feel asleep. She slept waiting for me to get the third glass of milk. Today at nap time (yes, my wonderful 4.5 year old still naps), she never relented.  She cried and begged for her binkie and she never slept. Tonight, she bargained and threatened and negotiated. After 45 minutes she slept.

Cold turkey.  This is hard but I can’t come up with a better way.

Saturday as a reward for all the hard work and sacrifice, we are making cookies or cake or cupcakes of whatever her little sleep deprived heart chooses.

Photo credit: Clare Says. All rights reserved.


  1. We just did this to our youngest boy. It is hard, but has to be done. We have used that the baby fairy took it so another little one could have it that didn’t. Yes, it does damage to their teeth, but less damage than sucking on a thumb. My wife works in orthodontics and said that she would rather fix damage from a Nuk than damage from a thumb. Keep strong! It only took about 3-4 days of him asking for it before he didn’t care anymore.

  2. Dont despair. The big monkey had his two fingers in his mouth til at least her age. Cant exactly hide or lose them! His teeth turned out just fine. No braces, nada.

  3. I’m far from an expert, but I’ve heard of people cutting the tip of the binkie and the kid loses interest. I’m having the opposite problem. Put a binkie in J’s mouth, he tongue thrusts it across the room.

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