There is no question that Little Elephant loves school.  From the first day I brought her (and she forgot to turn around to see if I was still there or say goodbye), she has enjoyed every organized activity, game, and idea presented to her.  She listens and asks questions.  Her hand is nearly always first in the air. She is constantly described as curious (and linguistically skilled).

This love of school has not diminished  despite having three schools in three years.  She takes each in stride and finds the very best in it.

This year, she loves her teachers and the activities so much she has asked to cancel weekends. You know— so she can go to school seven days a week.  (The school teachers are against this plan.)

Last weekend, sad that school was closed, she asked me to help her write.  “Sure.” I agreed.

“I want to write the word helicopter,” she tells me.  I swear. No prompting.  She has a coloring book with a helicopter soninhekp her find, understand, and write each letter.

I get that some parent push academics on their kids way to much. I get that it can be stressful for some kids.  I want my kid to play in the mud, have fun, and learn to express herself.  But, since she wants academics, that is what I support her with today.  

Tomorrow we will see what tomorrow wants.



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