4 and 1/3 year old

Dear Little Elephant,

I haven’t written you a letter in a while and I am sorry.  Life has gotten busy.  You have been busy!  I love every single day with you.  But I know I will forget the moments and just remember the broad strokes.  So, I am recommitting to writing out the moments.  For you.  For me.  For us. 224646_483903521620280_100168778_n

Speaking of forgetting, you don’t seem to forget anything.  We call your Daddy every other day.  You suggested trying to change it to two days on, two days off.   I was trying to dissuade you and finnally reduced it to that Mommy would get confused.  No worries, you told me, you would keep tract.  You would remember!

While we were home visiting Nana and Gjyshi in August, they taught you to play concentration.  It is a great way to not only practice your memory, but also your numbers.  Now we can play with both real cards and little cards of Hello Kitty characters.

You still call my Dad “Gjyshi”, the Albanian word for Grandpa.  You are happy to explain to anyone who will listen that you have a Nana (that means Grandma) and a Gjyshi (that is Albanian for Grandpa, but he isn’t Albanian, he lives in Wisconsin) and an Abui (which is Spanish for Grandma) and a Dodo (which is for your other Grandpa and you made that up all by yourself).  If the people are still listing— and sometimes even when they are not– you will then move on to your absolute favorite part of the family tree: cousins.  “Do you know?” you ask.  “I have COUSINS”.

You like to ask “do you know” and “why” and “how”.

Also while we were home in Wisconsin in August, you got to learn how plumbing works and even crawl in the wall with Gjyshi.  Then you got to learn how the ice maker works at Janis’ house.  And, you got to bake shrinky dinks.

Four is a pretty good age.  You are surrounded by friends, loving your new school, and learning all sorts of things.  At night though, you are still my little baby who likes to cuddle up close, listen to s0ngs, read books, and watch Elmo, Peppa Pig (in French), or Daniel Tiger.

I love you.  This day, every day.




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