Close but no cigar

We visited the office a few months back and Little Elephant was quite talkative with some of my colleagues.  Some of these converations have been brought up over and over again.  They are so adorable, I never want to lose them.

Keti: Hello Little Elephant!  How are you?

Little Elephant: [silence]

Keti: Why what great sunglasses you have!

Little Elephant: Thank you.

Keti: Where did you get them?

Little Elephant: Wisconsin.

Keti: Oh! In America.  Do you think you could get me a pair just like that for my niece?

Little Elephant: [stares at Keti wide-eyed]

Keti: Yes, I would really like one just like that for my niece.

Little Elephant: No! That is silly.

Keti: Why silly?  My niece would love to wear sunglasses.  If she had a pair like that my niece would wear them all the time.  Even inside. Like you. Right now.

Little Elephant: [stares at Keti as if she is growing a second head]

Keti: Please?!?!  My niece would really love the sunglasses.

Little Elephant: [with a hint of disdain in her voice].  Keti! Knees don’t wear sunglasses.  You have to put them on your eyes!

Photo Credit: Coba

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