Maybe we need to have “the talk” earlier

Friends invited us over to a little dinner party on their back porch last weekend.  We like visiting them as they have a nearly three-year-old as well.  M and Little Elephant are fabulous friends and school classmates.  He is the sweetest boy who has relentlessly pursued her friendship, hugging, holding hands, and sharing his beloved cars for more than two years.  Note: the first toy Little Elephant. slept with was one of his cars!

As she stood by my plate picking at food, M meandered over and announced he wanted to show her something.  He then boldly put his hand out, confident that she would take it, following his lead.  She did (after eating one last olive— the girl loves her olives).  Curious, I followed them into the house.

“This is the kitchen,” he announced.

“This is the hall,” he explained.

That is where I go pee-pee,” he squeeled as she pulled him away.  Afraid she hadn’t heard, he announced it again. Louder.


Having finished the tour of downstairs, M invited my daughter up to his room to see the trains.  Hand-in-hand, they climbed the stairs.

I decided to leave them alone and ventured back to the adults.  I told the story of how cute the tour was and everyone giggled at the “I pee there” reference.  I asked M’s Dad if I should be worried about them alone upstairs and if I should check on them.  “Clare,” he responded in a playful voice, “I don’t think we have to worry about that until they are teenagers.  Then we won’t let him take her up to the room for alone time.  For now, they are just playing with trains!”

Everyone giggled (including me).

But, the worrywart in me took over, so I went to check on them.   I just wanted to be sure they weren’t playing with plastic bags or getting into the medicine cabinet.   They weren’t.  They were fine.  In fact, they were hugging and giggling and rolling around on the floor together so much that they didn’t notice me come in, take pictures, and leave.  I now have photographic evidence that we might need to have the birds and the bees talk a little earlier than planned.  Although, not yet.  Afterall, they are only three.


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