Kind of like a birthday

I came home from work today and had one hour to play with my daughter before being picked up for the celebration of the National Day of Sweden.  After playing outside a bit, I announced I was going upstairs to change.  Then, this happened:

Little Elephant: Mommy, why are you changing?

Me: Well, honey, I am just changing clothes because Mommy needs to go out for a work event.

Little Elephant: Why work having an event?

Me: Actually, its my friend’s work that is having the event.  I am just going.

Little Elephant: But, what IS it?

Me: Well, I am going to the National Museum to celebrate Sweden’s National Day.

Little Elephant: What’s that?

Me: Each country had a day that it celebrates its independence.  Like, in the US we have the 4th of July.  In Chile, they have the 18th of September.  In Sweden, they have the 6th of June.

Little Elephant: So… you going to birthday party.

Me: Yes.  I guess you are right.  It is like a country’s birthday party.

Little Elephant: My Daddy has a country.

Me: He does!  Do you know which one?

Little Elephant: Chile!

Me: Very good!  And do you know when Chile’s independence is?

Little Elephant: Yes.

Me: When?

Little Elephant: Mmmm…. Friday.

Me: Hmm. I guess sometimes it is on Friday.  It is the 18th of September,

Little Elephant: Oh.  Do you get birthday cake?



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