Budding feminist

Someday, I may look at this moment as when she made her first feminist statements.  Them again, I suppose there is the possibility they will be her last as well.

Feminism in action #1:

Me: “Oh boy! That is a pretty large slide to concur!

Little elephant: Mommy! Don’t say “oh boy”. You need to say “oh girl”. “Oh boy” is silly.

Feminism in action #2:


We love this old Sesame Street song and she knows all the words. Recently, however, I realized she doesn’t know what the word voice means. So… She thought they were singing “we all sing with the same boys, the same song, the same boys” as opposed to “same voice”.

I realized this because she announced that we should sing “we all sing with the same girls, the same song, the same girls…”

Already reconquering linguistic space!  That is my little feminist.


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