A tale of friendship

The three as monsters for Halloween 2013.

Not long after arriving in Tirana, we went to a community get together.  Little Elephant was just a year old, we were still making friends, and I was keen to have more kid friends for her.  I heard that a Peace Corps couple had twins that were just perfect to be friends with my daughter.  Perfect! Twins and Peace Corps!  Given my history as a Returned Peace Corps volunteer and having had close friendships with the Peace Corps staff in every country I have lived— I was ecstatic.  Imagine my disappointment when they rolled in with two babies!  Only 5 months old!  How could their babies be friends with my budding little girl?  I can still remember the deep disappointment I felt.  Luckily, 20 months later, they are 2, Little Elephant is 2.5, and they are the best of friends.  In fact, given their way, I am pretty sure they would spend every waking moment together.  Us parents get along really well too.  It is a win all around.  Side note, their Mom doesn’t even remember our first meeting— it was still during the haze of babyness.


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