Uterus and other big words


I walked into a cafe the other day and a neighbor/ colleague stopped by my table. “How often do you hear about the things Little Elephant says back home?” I suppose not much since I had no idea what he was referring to.

Story 1:

Little elephant went up to babygirl (8 months) and her Mama.  “Baby girl has uterus” she stated.  Abashed, Mama asked, “What?”  Little Elephant repeated.  For further clarification, she also listed other people who do and don’t have uteruses until Mama was very clear that she did, in fact, know what she was saying.

Story 2:

My friend’s Nanny is pregnant and showing.  Apparently, the other day, Little Elephant was playing with friend’s daughter, his wife, and both nannies (ours and theirs).  Liza, our nanny, said “Look, Bona is pregnant.  She has a baby in her tummy”.  Indignantly, my daughter corrected, “No, the baby is in the uterus.”  Yep.  2.5 years old and already a know-it-all, with anatomically correct language!


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