Salad.  Yum!
Salad. Yum!

A friend and colleague is in town from Kosovo. Instead of having her to the house, per routine, I decided we should go out to dinner. No kids around would allow us to have more meaningful conversation and, plus, I could do it after Little Elephant hit the hay.

I choose a tiny little restaurant that I like because of its lack of menu, fabulous food, and the ability to hear your table mate. Also, assuming you eat early enough (which I generally do), it usually isn’t too smoky.  We arrived, sat down, and 5 minutes later, the Prime Minister walked in.  Given that the restaurant has about ten table, we were just next door.  Certainly made me look like the good host and like I know where to eat in this city.  Shh!  Don’t tell her that it was a fluke!

Meal and company was often.  Hopefully she will come back so we can test out other places in the city.


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