2.5 years. Wow!

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Dear Little Elephant,

Honestly, it seems my love for you has no bounds.  Everyday, I enjoy spending time with you more and am more amazed at all the little things you do and figure out.  Christmas will get its own post, but for now, let me return to my (no longer) monthly letters to you.

Linguistically, you make huge jumps all the time; although your English is leaps and bounds ahead of your Spanish or Albanian.  Here are some of my current favorite phrases:

  • “Actually, I think its downstairs. Actually its upstairs. No actually, downstairs. Probably downstairs”  You use actually and probably all the time and I think it is adorable.
  • “That’s the deal”  Usually after announcing how you think the world should work or stating that I will be doing something for you.
  • “My bellybutton is hungry. Is your bellybutton hungry?”  This is what I wake up to almost every morning.  Cuteness!
  • “That is my dear friend Donata”
  • “Goodbye sweet Mama” You yell this to the car every morning as I leave for work.

You have a great memory— I am always surprised by what you bring up.  Like, a month ago, Daddy said not to lick the dog because you would choke on a hairball.  Now you are afraid that Harley is going to choke every time she cleans herself— so you keep trying to explain that Daddy said it was bad to lick the dog.  No amount of Mommy explaining can change this.

Also, you are really trying to understand books.  Instead of just happily listening to the rhythm of my voice, you try to understand why certain things happen.  You also try to understand how characters are feeling.  When not sure, you ask.  Awesome!  Current favorites include Maggie and the Monster, Kente Colors, And Tango Makes Three, Maisy, and Sing, Sophie!.

Your friends are going to school three mornings a week and being the social butterfly that you are, you are getting bored.  Liza is amazing with you— but you crave children.  We visited the preschool last week and you were very enthusiastic.  I think we will start with two mornings a week and see how it goes.  They are working on writing and seasons and all kids of fun projects.  I am hoping that you are going to love going to school just as much as I did.  Fingers crossed.

You love puzzles right now.  We have two big floor puzzles by Melissa and Doug (endangered species and dinosaurs).  You actually put them together yourself!  You know how to sort edge from center and then match the parts that go together and rotate them until they fit.  I wouldn’t think it was possible, except, I watch you do it.   You are way more into your puzzles than dolls or other toys.  Although, you are usually happy to snuggle with a book (see above list) or fight with one of the neighbor kids about who gets to drive the toy car.

Recently, you learned that sometimes Harley plays fetch.  You love this game and wish she would do it all the time. You also have started going up to Harley in the morning, waking her up, and demanding “kiss. kiss. kiss me!!!!!!!!!!!!”   Usually, she doesn’t.  Then, Mommy sits down and helps you pet the dog and give her a little love until she licks our hands.  We have a great video of you petting her on the couch and telling the camera “I am giving her love. She likes it!”

You take awesome care of your friends as well.  You like to feed the twins and are often a bit over zealous in helping them follow directions.  Also, for the upteenth time.  You can not pick them up! They weight as much as you!  Sometimes, you put one of the neighborhood kids in timeout when he is mean.  You go, get a chair, sit him down and tell him: “Stay. You are in time out.”  Then, of course, he gets bored, so you go and get him toys.  You may be a bit unclear about the purpose of time out.

I love you so very much.

Love, Mommy


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