3 steps forward, 2 back

In rolling around the idea of resolution vs. goal, I was really just struggling with the questions “where is my life going?” and “am I doing it right?”.   The truth is, I don’t have the answer to either of those questions… but I have come up with my 2014 plan.  I am calling it a plan because I tend to forget resolutions and get too overwhelmed with goals.  This is more just my plan for what I will implement in life and let’s see how it goes. I call the plan: 3 steps forward 2 back!

3 steps forward:

  • When I come into the house, I will lodge the IPhone into the docking station and leave it there.  It will come in my pocket when I leave the house.  (I am required to have it with me).  But, i will actively not engage in it during peak Mommy-Daughter time except to skype or make play dates.
  • I will organize 1 arts activity (aka more involved then coloring) per month.  The Thanksgiving hands and feet making a turkey is a good example of the right level of involvement.  Painting counts too.
  • I will cook at least 2 meals per month with my daughter.  Meals where she has substantive duties not just help rip lettuce or watch the shrimps boil.

2 steps back:

  • I will go out and have special me time 1 time every 2 months.  This could be a massage, girls night out, or dinner.
  • I will attend weekly yoga classes on Friday over lunch.

Basically, I have been striking a pretty good work-life balance.  Except, as a former boss pointed out last week, all I have is work-baby balance.  I don’t have me in the picture.  Self care is a hugely important part of resiliency and I need it in my life.  To make this a priority, I know that I also need to prioritize how to make my time with my daughter the best it can be.  So, this is my plan.  2014: I am ready.


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