Irate 18th century feminist

ClareSaysFlying home, we boarded a Lufthansa flight from Munich to DC. As the rest of the 300+ passengers boarded, I quickly installed the Cares Child Airplane Harness, this overpriced device is effective and also the only one approved by the FAA for use during flights.  Basically, it turns the airplane’s seat belt into a four point harness.  One of the flight attendants made his way over to us to explain that we could not use the device.   Despite my protests and proof that it met safety standards, he insisted.  Much arguing later, he conceded that she could wear it during the flight.  I began to take her out of her seat belt.  Eyes filling with tears, my two and half year old started to wail:

“No like Gentlemen.  Gentleman say I have no safety.  I need my safety.  Gentleman say no safety. I no like Gentleman”

She repeated this and repeated this to no avail.  She was right, in an accident, she would have been safer with the belt on.  Sadly, the “gentleman” did not care.

My sister, upon hearing this story, broke out laughing.  She declared that I am raising an irate 18th century feminist.  How did that happen?


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