Commercials that warm the heart and educate our girls

Last year, I talked about GoldieBlox’s crowd-sourcing funds for a start-up to launch toys encouraging girls to become engineers.

Well, it succeeded and they now have two awesome commercials and actual products on the shelf.

Will anything be on your Christmas list?



  1. That is really cool! My daughter and I just watched both of them. Unfortunately she is 16 and not really into the pink aisle or any other aisle anymore, but I have never bought my nieces things from the pink isle. They get books or Lincoln logs or lord only knows what, but I have always abhorred the thought of the pink aisle. Good for them!

    • Thanks! My daughter is still before the age. But, it is coming. I can feel it. And I hate the pink. Admittedly, I am still not 100% with GoldieBlox because I feel that they still to buy into and sell the princess culture— just a more self reliant version. Baby steps.

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