Almost 30!: 29 months and counting

Photo: Clare Says
All rights reserved

Dear Little Elephant,

I am sorry that my monthly reminiscing has faltered of late.  My last letter was when you turned two.  Needless to say, life has been complicated and busy but you, my dear, are wonderful.

You say “I love you” freely now.  Sometimes you hold my face close and whisper it into my mouth.  Sometimes you throw your arms around me in a huge hug and scream it at the top of your lungs, leaving me partially deaf but fully happy.  Sometimes, as of today, you say it to non-family members.  As they went home, you told each of the twins, your best friends, that you loved them as you gave them hugs and kisses goodbye.

Speaking of the twins, you have made friends.  And you rank people.  And you judge people and treat them according to how they treat you.  The boy across the street is fun to play with, but not to share with.  The twins are your buddies in absolutely everything.  S now will even stop crying to accept a hug from you, although, most of the time, you just chase him around.

You love books.  Love!  We normally read 5-8 minimum before bed and some in the morning.  Your poor Nanny.  With prior kids, she would take the favorite books home and her kids would help her learn the English to read them well.  Not only would she have to take home a rotating library, but you actually point out to her that she doesn’t read as well as Mommy.  Your two-year-old self doesn’t realize how far she has come just teaching herself English while tending to children for the past 8 years.

You are sweet and gentle— I worry that the world will break you.  On the trampoline, again with the twins, they are pulling out wrestle-mania type moves (or at least the toddler version).  They are two.  They are used to beating on each other, knocking heads, kicking, and then getting back up.  You, on the other hand, think that their tackle is a fumbled attempt at a hug.  Once you regain balance, you go to help finish the hug.  If one of them falls on the trampoline, you throw yourself down next to them, laughing, smiling, and then give them a hug!

Your vocabulary is exploding as is your syntax.  I love that you will sit, listen to me explain what a word means, and then incorporate it into conversation a few days later.

You sing.  Sing!  Currently, 10 little monkeys jumping on a bed (thanks Jason), Itsy bitsy spider, You are my sunshine, Four (Feist on Sesame Street), and ABCs are topping your repertoire.  But you are hungry for more.

I love you fiercely.  I love you always.  I love you no matter what.



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