Potty Trained

Note: if you don’t want to hear about potty training, don’t read this post!

Little Elephant had started potty training in the spring.  She would occasionally, when cajoled, use the potty.  She was getting excited about it.  But then, we went on vacation.  My folks got her a potty which she adamantly refused to use.   Two months later, she wanted nothing to do with potty training.  Ultimately, we gave up.

On October 9th, while getting dressed in the morning post bath, she announced: “no more diapers!”  She meant businesses and wriggled this way and that.  The only way to get a diaper on her would have been brute force.  She was told that as long as she used the potty, she could start using underwear.

Day 1 ended with a 50% success rate.  She was convinced that during nap and at night she must wear a diaper; otherwise, undies.

Day 2, the success rate rose to 80%.

Day 3, she decided she didn’t like pushing to go poo-poo and we spent way too much trying.

By day 4, she was at 100% in the potty or tiny accidents solely because we couldn’t run from the playground to the house fast enough.  So proud of my little girl for making a decision about her body and sticking to it.

One month on and she is still thrilled to be in undies.  Now if I can just get her to stop giving self-wedgies.



  1. I’m the author a potty training book (The Potty Boot Camp) and I’m always on the lookout for cute potty-training related blog posts around the web. You are so lucky that your daughter’s toilet training went so well! Congratulations!

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