Conversations: Part 1

I have been inspired by Vikki over at Up Popped a Fox and her posts reminiscing about things her kids said that she documented via twitter. Hilarious!

I have also already made a commitment to writing down more to remember.  I love every moment of my daughter’s life, watching her triumphs, holding her when she falls, and trying to instill the belief that she can always pick herself up and that no matter what, I will always always always love her.   But, I forget.  The vault of my minds is more a sieve.   I want to have this space to look back and cherish the tiny moments and conversations.

With that, I launch my new recurring sections: Conversations.  I hope to fill these posts with things Little Elephant says, so I can remember her as she was and see how she grows.

Our Nanny, Lisa, likes to cajole Little Elephant into doing things by saying “fine, you don’t have to, I will get J to do it”.  It is manipulative, reverse psychology at its best.  Usually, it works.  Lisa wanted a kiss goodbye today.  The conversation (as reported by Lisa) went like this.

Lisa: “Little Elephant, can I have a kiss?”

Little Elephant: “Noooooooooo”

Lisa: “Okay, I will give my kiss to S”. (Note: S is another boy and one of Little Elephant’s best friends)

Little Elephant: “Okay.  I will give my kiss to Zana”. (Note: Zana is Lisa’s sister).

Smart cookie, She already knows two can play at this game!


  1. Such a beautiful idea! My daughter is 16 months now and I know I’ll likely forget all her first words and conversations, so I must start doing this as well. Smart girl you have :)) I found your blog via BlogHer/ NaBloPoMo

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