History repeats itself and so does NaBloPoMo

November is here and I haven’t been blogging.  I keep blogging in my head, in my dreams, in my heart; but little is getting down onto paper.  Or, computer as the case may be.   The truth is that I am struggling with life right now.  I am busy, but things don’t seem to move.  I am surrounded by joy, but things aren’t always happy.  I am feeling somewhat disconnected from life, from community, from blogging.

All of this should lead to me not doing NaBloPoMo NaBloPoMo_November_small(National Blog Posting Month); however, like the contrarian I am, it makes me want to fully embrace NaBloPoMo.  The truth is that despite not finding any new blogs last year, I still found the experience very gratifying.  In case you are interested, I participated in  I participated in 201220092008, and 2007.

This year, here are my goals:

  • Post everyday.
  • Post a photo every Wednesday.
  • Post little stories about my daughter that I don’t want to miss.
  • Share at least 5 good recipes.

Here goes!  Who is with me?



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