Shake it off

I keep writing posts in my head.  Some of them are good. Some of them are bad.  Some of them are just in the desperate hope to not forget any of these amazingly fulfilling yet completely fleeting moments of my daughter’s life.  How do they grow up so fast? I have every intention of starting to write some of these thoughts down again.  And, perhaps, even daring to download the photos of my camera and upload something.  Plans.  For now, the posts keep just writing in my head.

I am, however, nearly weekly writing at VillageQ.  In case you are missing me, my work can be found here.  In addition, I have scouted a couple cross-posts including: He grew in my heart (about adoption), My perfectly typical toddler (about fears of screwing up your kids), You can ask (about trans parents and name choice), When the best man was a drag queen (about gay marriage and long term love), and another two that I am super excited about but haven’t actually been published.

Finally, I leave you with the song that is floating in my head.


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