Truly Two

About a week ago, Little Elephant discovered some if my old toys. As she has very few baby dolls, this was very exciting! She particularly took to Kizzy, a doll from Upper Volta (see? I really am talking about back in the day as Upper Volta hasn’t existed since 1984) and the bear I was so attached to that I brought it to college.

One morning, she carefully set her new friends up on the coach, leaving a place in between for herself. Then, she skipped over to the bookshelf and meticulously choose three books. Plopping herself down on the couch, she distributed the books, one to bear, one to Kizzy, saving her favorite for herself.

Happily, the three enjoyed their books. Until, Little Elephant glanced to her side. To her utter horror, Bear was reading one of HER books. A huge tantrum ensued with cries of “Mine! Mine! No look at my books!”

Such is the life of a two year old, where even toys can evoke irrational jealousy and crocodile tears. Of course, it did NOT help that I was beside myself with laughter.




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