Elmo Love

Little Elephant doesn’t get to watch a lot of TV.  Okay, I will revise that statement, she watches almost none.  Until she was 2, she pretty much thought that TV was one of a few videos all in Russian.  She can, in fact, sing along with this:

I am not going to get in to all the reason for so little TV time here (at least not right now).  I don’t look down on people who let their kids watch TV and, frankly, I agree that at times it would be easier.  It simply isn’t a choice we have made yet.  Perhaps I should write something at some point; I am always amazed by the reactions I get when I say Little Elephant never watches TV.

I digress.

She has very recently learned of Elmo and even watched several Elmo videos online.  It has been fun for us too to see all the stars who make appearances on Sesame Street. Basically everyone who is anyone from what I can tell.  That is pretty cool.

To date, Little Elephant has two favorite videos.  She asks for each by name!

Andrea Bocelli’s Lullabye To Elmo

Sing with Me

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