Sitting at the top of the slide, she lifts her hands, scotches forward, yells “Release”, and slides down.

***   ***   ***

Scene: We enter the house peacefully. Suddenly, in a fit, while tearing off her onesie.

Little Elephant: Mommy, mommy. Hurts! Hurts!
Me: What hurts!
Little Elephant: Duele! Mama. Duele! Hurts!
Now I am helping her tear of her clothes.
Me: What hurts? WHERE DOES IT HURT?
Little Elephant: Tummy! Hurts! Cracker!

Turns out, she was just hungry!

*** *** ***

Little Elephant: Mommy! Mommy! Harley!

Me: Do you want to pet Harley (the dog)

Little Elephant: Yes. Mommy.  Harley!

She pets the dog. The dog licks her fingers.

Little Elephant: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Me: Yes.  Harley gave your hand a kiss.  Doggies lick to give kisses.

Little Elephant: No! Fingers!

I stand corrected. 

***   ***   ***

She and her little friend are jumping on the trampoline.  They have a ball, but he won’t throw it to her.  All three parents are telling him to throw her the ball, but no.  Every so often he bounces it off her head or back to pretend he is sharing.  Finally all revved up, she looks him in the eye and yells “SHARE!!!!”


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