This is Kazakhstan

Hello! Someone (or someones) found my blog yesterday 49 times by googling the words” Where is Kazakhstan?” Just in case you didn’t figure it out, try to imagine the point on the map where China and Russia meet. That is Kazakhstan.

And, if that doesn’t give you enough of a mental picture, here are some actual pictures of Almaty.

Wonderful friends and the Beatles statue!




    • Ps. Our site is a photography gallery for people affected by mental health issues. It is a combination of people who are suffering, friends and family, and mental health professionals. We have also had contributors who volunteer and help people in difficult situations, including sex trafficking victims. If you would like to contribute some photos and your story, we’d love to feature you and some of your work. Please email and let me know if you are interested in being a contributor, or have questions. There’s also submission info on the site. Take good care!

  1. The last photo definitely says “where Russia and China meet” to me. By the way, I had to look at a map to see exactly where it was.

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