Think Positive Unity

Mendo Pozitiv means Think Positive Unity. It is also the name of a group of young people in Tirana who have come together to make urban art with a purpose. From what I gather, they do this all on their own time, with their own resources, from their own creativity, and without any official guidance/ clearance.  They are responding to the nature of their city and making both beauty and a political or moral statement.   So far, I think, they have done 6 installations in Tirana. According to their website:

Our mission is to create a group of positive people in Albania who will help each other and the community. We will give a positive example which the Albanian citizens should follow. We will give our contribution in improving the Albanian reality. The creation of this community will not be touched by political ideas and we will give our maximum to improve this reality. We will try to create a trusted voice for the Albanian people and we will try to improve our reality. On our first year we will try to create a just structure which will motivate. The rules and promises will be tested to see if they are efficient and realistic. Learning from our mistakes and dealing with the issues that may come up we will have this in mind when we publish them in 2013.

One of the things I love about their art is that it is fully documented.  Them creating it.  Them installing it.  Them with it. Here is their installation “Share the Love

Photo from Mendo Pozitiv


Photo from Mendo Pozitiv

In their blog they wrote:

The message was created in an old wall in Janos Hunyadi street near ‘’Tiki-bar’’ Tirana. The wall was covered with various writings and posters from political parties, which gave us a moral right to continue our work with this activity without a proper and legal permission. This is not a good act because we share this city and there are different directories which take care of it, but having seen these political parties , which are also some who should make sure the law and order is in place and how they have been ‘’decorating’’ our city with different writings and posters everywhere you look, we used this opportunity from this abnormal fact to decorate our city with art. But we decided to use recycled materials, easy to be removed and we are ready to return it to its previous conditions if someone decides that the city has problems with this.

Definitely check out the full blog post for all the pictures! Click here!

Photo from Mendo Pozitiv



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