Becoming it all (and making amazing cakes)

Sometimes, with huge spurts of energy, I want to be one of those Moms who makes the coolest cake and is a Do-It-Yourself guru. The kind who you can’t tell it was DIY. The topic of DIY oscillates  Sometimes I want to be able to carve wood, update kitchens and bathrooms, or builds multistory tree houses. Other times, I want to return to sewing or learn how to bake amazing cakes.

This past week I came across Rosie Cake-Diva‘s amazing Facebook page!  Not only does she show of her talent, but she has step by step instructions on how to make really cool cakes.  While I will never to get her level, I think I could make a polka-dot cake.  Here are examples:


And this is what the directions look like— Please note that I have cut off part of the instructions on purpose so that you go and like her Facebook page.  I do not know Rosie. I have never had her cakes.  She is not sponsoring this post.  I just think it is so amazingly cool that she is teaching me, that I want to support her.


Pretty cool, right?

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