I’m an Everyday Feminist: Promise to Self



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Have you seen the site Everyday Feminist? I love it and am generally impressed with their content. I follow on facebook and twitter.

I also love their posters where men and women from around the world write a poster as to why they are an everyday feminist and post it on the site.  I keep telling myself that I am going to submit one– as soon as I can figure out what to say (honestly, too many ideas come to mind).  But, I figure if I post it here, then I will be more likely to follow through.  So, promise to self: submit a poster here this spring.

I’ll let everyone know if they every post my poster.

About Clare

I am a social worker who lives abroad, moves every couple of years with my daughter and my pup, works in development, loves food and taking pictures, and writes for fun and for friends back home. Home being the many places I have lived and those I have left behind with each move. All opinions expressed here are my own and not that of my employer.

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