Back to the Future

I had this reoccurring nightmare of real life when growing up: no one ever took my side. I am not talking actual nightmare as in while I am asleep. I am not talking about parental support which I have always had. I am talking about my friends. I have mentioned before that I did not have a very supportive group of friends growing up and have made, thankfully, better decisions since. The main problem, however, revolved around the fact that I could take it, that I was strong enough and sure enough in myself that I could be friendless.

Whenever I would get into a fight with a friend, the rest of the group would inevitably take her side. Secretly, many of them told me that I was in the right, but that other friend was just too fragile to hear it. I can’t tell you have frustrating this is. Yes, you did nothing wrong, but now you must pay the consequences! Give me a break.

Currently, I am spending a portion of my free time doing charity work. I love the cause. I love that I am getting to know Albania. For the most part, I like the other volunteers. However… there is this one other volunteer. She is passive-aggressive and difficult to work with. What makes it worse is that everyone capitulates because they don’t want to deal with the underlying problem. So, when she repeatedly does something wrong and is corrected, no one actually follows through to help her do it write. Then, last weekend, she didn’t like how I was organizing something and complained. Despite being surrounded by people who agreed with me, I still had to reorganize everything to her liking because no one wanted to deal with the consequence. Of course, I believed in the organization and what it does, so I do the right thing and keep volunteering, keep helping. Yet, sometimes, I feel like I am back in middle school.


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