My Newest Absolute Favorite

For fear that my memories will fade into all the other memories just like my daughter in this photo, I give you my list of 10 current favorites.

With each new age and each new stage of Little Elephant’s development, I redefine my favorite thing that she does.  The truth is, in my eyes, she is just the cutest, most amazing, wildly intelligent, interesting little person that exists.  But… as each new thing comes along so does the risk that these tiny quirks that I revel in now will be forgotten.  So, I am going to document them here.  And as they change, I will update the list.

  1. How she has started to give me kisses on the lips to wake me up.  She usually balances her hand on my neck and presses down so the lack of air wakes me up.  Still, she only gives kisses in this way to me.  No kisses for Dada in bed. 
  2. How she announces “bye-bye” when I am in the middle of a conversation or we are on skype and she has decided she is bored.  How, if that isn’t enough, she re-announces “bye-bye” much louder and gives everyone a kiss.
  3. How she demands to nurse by pointing at my chest and saying “no!” “no!’.  I can only assume this is because I told her no at an earlier stage where she just tried to pull my breasts out in public.
  4. How she grabs two fingers and pulls me to the dog’s food so she can help feed her.
  5. How she really really hates fizzy water yet insists on drinking it when I do.  Then, she makes a funny face, shakes her head, and says “mamaaaaaaa” very disapprovingly.
  6. How she has started cupping her hands around my breast when she nurses.
  7. How she pretends to have “boo boos” so she can get extra kisses.
  8. How she pats the ground to invite people to sit or lie with her and then how she reorganizes everyone until they are in the correct order.
  9. How she know understands names and family relationships.  The neighbors are all Anna.  All of them.  3 kids and both parents: Anna.
  10. How she insists upon carrying the baggy with the dog poop because she loves being Mama’s little helper.


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