Not quite the whole world

Hello World!

I am not someone who obsesses about my blog stats. This is a good thing as I am not very popular and likely I never will be. I had my one day of stardom when I posted something of importance to the Albanian diaspora— but really, that was a fluke and none of them are return reader. Posting about my blog on twitter has done me no good in increasing my numbers. I accept that I am not a nitche blog and that since I work full-time  I can’t dedicate myself to the highest level of functionality, correct grammar, or constant interaction. However, I was pretty pleased when I noticed that over the last year, I have had at least one visitor from a huge number of countries!!!  Now if I can just up my numbers in Iceland and Africa. 🙂




  1. I get the most comments when I blog about life in Chile and expat stuff. Otherwise, I blog about babies or yoga or something else that is relevant to my life and the numbers drop off. I hate having a niche.

    • The longer you have your baby, the more your posts will be less niche and then everything goes away. Sad. I also feel like a lot of my old Chile Bloggers contacts are dropping like flies.

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